Sunday, June 15, 2008


On Friday we laid Pastor to rest in Dallas. We had a great number of friends and family at the burial service. Mike Livengood did a amazing job at the service. He actually quoted Eric several times and it made it so special. The journey of this past week has been exhausting but we are all determined to push forward and do as God and Eric would have us to do. Thank you for reading and blogging to us and know that we will survive. You each were a blessing to us in difficult time and God used you to minister to us. Keep in touch with me. You can email me at . God bless you and know that you are blessed with a gift that God has given you. Always use the gift and never take it for granted. I love you and will always be thankful for each of you. Sherry


Cindi Gipson said...


You are one amazing woman of God! Thank you for keeping us updated throughout this difficult journey you have been on. You are a wonderful example and thank you for that. You have been in my thoughts so much and I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I love you and thank you for being you!

Cindi Gipson

The Riveras, Jorge, Evelyn and the Girls said...

Dearest Sherry,

I know you all must feel as if you have no more tears left. Yes, continue on and do as God would have you, I am sure that would make Pastor happy. Know that you are loved and that Jorge and I will continue to pray for you and your families strength and for God's covering.

God Bless you

The Riveras

Cheryl Bruns said...

Sherry, You and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers so often these last few weeks. I am so sorry I didn't get to see Eric before he died. I am happy for him, but know your hearts are sad. We will all miss him, but look forward to the great reunion in heaven. In the meantime, we lift you, Shane, Shawn and Kristin up to the Lord. At times like this I wished we lived closer to each other. We will miss all of you at the Burdick reunion this coming weekend, it just won't be the same. I hope we can see each other again in the near future. I will call you soon, Sherry. I wish I could do something for you. Love you lots, Cheryl

JrandMichelle said...


Know that Junior and I love you and that we are here for you and your family. I love you very much Sherry!!! You are such an amazing woman of God. Know that Pastor is in a much better place and we will see him again soon.

With all my love,
Michelle Suarez

Jessica Rodriguez said...


I really thank you for keeping everyone posted on Pastor Olsen's journey. I am really sad at the fact that we had to meet where we did @ Dr. Muina's office. I really wished we could have met somewhere else, you guys are the most loving people. You guys care for everyone. This has been a long journey for all of you, espeacially you Sherry, with the ups and down's. I felt so bad the last couple times that Eric had his office visits with the doctor, you could tell in his face that he was in so much pain, I would run let him in and go get the pillow for him so he can sit back in the chair. He was so greatful for everything that we all did for him. Sherry, he sure will be missed by everyone who knew him, I know I miss him already.... he would always fill my day when he would tell me have a good day, GOD BLESS YOU!!! I just felt that between you, him, and myself there was a bond.
Pastor Olsen happy belated Father's Day!!!! I will always keep you in my thoughts and prayer's.....
Sherry, I wrote down your email address at work please keep mine as well, I would love to continue talking with you. My home email is
I love you,
Jessica Rodriguez (Muina's)

Jessica Rodriguez said...

Oops sorry Sherry one more thing, will Pastor Olsen's service be on the blog so we can see the service?


tforbeslpn said...

My heart still breaks and I still sit and cry, and I know if I feel this way you must surely feel worse. I can't imagine how you feel, or what you think.

But, you have stood firm, walked through a deep, dark valley, only to come out on top of the mountain. I know God will use you now like He has never used you before. You will be a stronger even more round witnessing tool for HIM, more so than you have ever been.
I love you so much, and I am still praying for you and the kids. Always know that I will always be here for you if you ever need me.
Thank you for having always being there for me, I hope I can someday repay you in some way for what ya'll have done for me.

Love you always,
Terry Forbes

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if anyone had heard whether the funeral would be on the website anytime soon? Or, is it out there and I missed it?

Rev. Eddie Rivero said...

On June 11th, I attended the funeral service of Rev. Eric G. Olsen, pastor of Sunset Chapel in Miami (Kendall), Florida. Those in attendance participated in a very spiritual, uplifting, and stirring service honoring a fine man and great spiritual leader. I had a chance to know Eric as a fellow AG minister in our city but unfortunately never was able to get to know him as a close friend. We talked about playing golf together and that never materialized and I regret that. We will be praying for his wife, children and the church family as they grieve and pray that the Spirit of God will strengthen them with wonderful memories of the godly servant.
Pastor Eddie Rivero
New Life Family Church
Miami Springs, Florida

Anonymous said...

Sherry you and your family are a beautiful example what a christian is.
I once was in the same siuation as you.
God bless you all.

Ivonne Baixeras